Primary Children’s Hospital Surgical Expansion and Remodel Projects

Jacobsen has been the building partner of choice for Primary Children’s Hospital in updating and remodeling its existing facility for the past 10 years. These important projects enable PCH to continue providing high-quality healthcare and resources to children and their families.

We are currently renovating, relocating and expanding the surgery and surgical support areas. When finished, the project will feature six new OR suites, labs, PACU, pre-op and post-op, minor procedures unit, pharmacy, clinical engineering and central processing. Clinic/exam/office areas for numerous departments are also included in the expansion.

Past remodel projects at PCH include:

    • Front Entrance Remodel
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    2007-2010 Projects
    • Cath Lab Addition
    • Emergency Department Remodel & Addition
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    • Chiller Pad Replacement
    2006 Projects
    • 21-bed Medical/Surgical Unit Renovation
    • Wasatch Canyons Building B Remodel
    • Cooling Tower Diesel Tank & Chiller Remodel/Addition
    • 10-room Bone Marrow Transplant/Oncology Clinic Remodel
    • Finance & Quality Assurance Administrative Offices Remodel
    2005 Projects
    • New Administrative Offices (patient account services, pain management, anesthesia offices)
    • MRI Addition
    • 22 NTU Patient Room Remodels
Salt Lake City, Utah
[Square Footage]
80,000 / 140,000
[Contract Type]
Construction Management
Intermountain Healthcare
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