We thoroughly enjoy the design/build process for the same reason we enjoy the CM At-risk process: Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.

Even though the owner gives the design/build team much more control in this process, we know that this delivery method can yield a high-quality project that meets, and even exceeds, all our client’s expectations—but only if the process is respected and understood by the architect and the builder.

After more than 20 design/build projects in just the past five years, we “get” the process. We know all the required codes, standards and LEED requirements as well as any architectural firm, because we're committed to shouldering the responsibility of that knowledge equally with our design partners.

But we don't just "get" the process—we get excited by it! There is no better energy than the kind generated during a design/build project... and we've found no better opportunity to forge positive partnerships and strong bonds with our many architectural colleagues and friends.

In the design/build process, teaming is everything... and Jacobsen is ready to become part of your project team.

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