Making Life Better

Every time we start a project, a few things happen. Planning begins. Excitement mounts. Passion ignites. People mobilize. Time passes. Milestones are met. Challenges are quelled. Spirits rise alongside steel. People rally. The building is finished. A vista shifts. A team shines. A community improves. People thrive. What we build means a lot to us. Who we build for means even more. Why we build is why we’re the best at it.

Making life better

Team Builders

We Own It


Jacobsen employees don’t just see the stone and steel and concrete of our buildings. We see the Jacobsen team members who worked together to create them. We see the estimators who value-engineered the vision; the craftworkers who took pride in bringing it to life. We see safety specialists, warehouse personnel and corporate support staff. We look at our buildings and say: “This is where I poured my passion and expertise. This is where I gave the best I had to give.” That’s the paradigm of an ESOP company.

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Elements Of Success

By definition, a formula is a procedure followed to obtain a desired result. Our desire has always been to be the best builder; hence, the Jacobsen Formula. This is the science behind our success.

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Out Of The Box Thinking

We strive to think without boundaries—as long as we remain within the parameters of absolute integrity and quality of work.

Exceeding Expectations

Exceeding the expectations of our clients, colleagues and coworkers.

Do It Right The First Time

Preplan, measure twice and cut once.

Continuous Improvement

Embrace creativity and seek improved perspectives.

Four T’s

Thrilling the client, tapping the resource, training and teamwork.


Safety is a moral imperative, all-encompassing and our top priority.

Yields Prosperity and Value

If we practice every element in the Formula, we make life better for our clients and employees.

The Safe Side


There may be two sides to everything. But in our line of work there’s only one side that matters, and we are always on it: The safe side. The S in the Jacobsen Formula stands for safety; the circle around it signifies that it is all-encompassing. We pay careful attention to safety on every project, process and practice.

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From the Newsroom

‘Elevating the work of those who came before': Utah governor, other leaders speak at Jacobsen headquarters ribbon cutting

September 3, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — Prominent state and local government leaders in Utah joined with Jacobsen Construction Company empl ... + read more

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Life Under the Hard Hat

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Road Show

Jacobsen’s “road show” doesn’t feature antiques, IPOs or an accordion player. (That we’re aware of.) Nevertheless, our construction performers are exceptional—and we absolutely take requests. We’ve been invited by many clients to deliver their vision far and wide—and it’s always a pleasure to take our show on the road.

Heavy Medals


You probably won’t see us fist-bumping and woot-wooting about the awards we’ve won… but not because we’re indifferent or ungrateful to be recognized for our work. On the contrary! We get to create amazing buildings for our clients and excellent relationships with them in the process. We love what we do, and we get to do it every day. We’ve already won.

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Every great company has a great story. Ours begins with Danish teenager Soren Jacobsen, who landed on Ellis Island with $24 and one big American dream: To change its skyline. Ninety-three years later Jacobsen’s dream remains the same—to create structures that thrill our clients and serve our communities for years to come.

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