There are two words we associate with the CM At-Risk process: Collaboration and value. We’re huge fans of both… so we’re huge fans of CM At-Risk projects.

Listen, think… then build. We’re a perfect fit for CM At-Risk projects because we’re listeners and thinkers first, builders second. We believe great power—and the greatest result—can be found in the collaborative construction process… which is why we’ve always gravitated toward it. It’s also why we’re extremely good at it.


About 80% of a project’s potential value can be realized through a well-executed preconstruction process. Jacobsen has mastered this process.

Estimating excellence. Our estimating team is expansive and experienced, and they keep a watchful eye on current market trends to ensure that our clients get the best value for their project dollars. Time and time again, they prove to be an invaluable resource to owners and design teams during preconstruction.

Specialized attention. Our project executives are specifically focused on projects that align best with their strengths and expertise. For every niche market in our industry, we have a specialist who can successfully lead your project to completion.


In a general contractor scenario the owner hands over the project plans and the budget to the builder, who is then responsible for execution within the project’s established parameters. There is no preconstruction in this delivery method; does that mean we might not perform as well? Hardly.

We want every client to be completely satisfied, so we give every project the same time and attention to high-quality construction. We’ve spent 93 years finding innovative ways to competitively deliver the best projects for our clients regardless of when we enter the picture. That’s the upside of hiring a firm as client-focused as we are.

There’s nothing “general” about the Jacobsen approach to a project. You pay for a specific vision—and we pay specific attention to ensure that your vision is realized. It’s as simple as that.


The schools we build become environments for learning; the hospitals we build become environments for healing. It’s always exciting to create these and many other environments… and as we do, we’re always mindful of the one we’re striving to preserve.

Each project we complete contributes to the quality of life in our communities… and that’s something we take very seriously. Our LEED specialists pursue every sustainable avenue possible so that the communities in which we build—where our families and friends reside—are the best they can be for as long as possible.

It really comes down to one indelible truth: Building is not simply about what we have to give. It’s about what we leave behind.


We enjoy the design/build process for three reasons: Collaboration, collaboration and collaboration.

With more than 20 design/build projects completed in just the past five years, we “get” the design/build process. We’re committed to knowing the codes, standards and LEED requirements as well as our design partners. But we don’t just “get” the process—we get excited by it! There’s no better energy than the kind generated during a design/build project—and we’ve found no better opportunity to forge strong bonds with our architectural colleagues and friends.

In the design/build process, teaming is everything… and Jacobsen is ready to become part of your team.


An Agency CM partnership is when an owner retains the services of a Construction Manager (CM) to ensure that their goals are being met by the project builder. The CM acts as the owner’s “agent,” representing their interests while objectively advising them throughout the project. We’ve worked on numerous projects as the CM Agent, and we know what it takes to make this process a successful one. It’s all about client vision and builder accountability.

First we make sure we understand our client’s desires and objectives for their project. Our next steps are crucial: We treat the project as if it were ours. We oversee every dollar spent as if from our own pocket. We review every design detail as if they impacted us directly. We supervise the schedule as if we were moving in at completion. This approach explains why we’re disciplined but fair, proactive and process-driven—and why we are very comfortable holding people accountable for their responsibilities on the project.

This approach is what makes us so successful in this role… and why our clients hire us again and again to ensure that their projects go smoothly.


Jacobsen can add value to a project by self-performing certain aspects of work.

By self-performing early critical path concrete work we can control quality, and establish/maintain project momentum. Our concrete crews are some of the best in the industry, with expertise in large-scale laser screed concrete pours, concrete pumping services, slabs-on-grade, tilt wall panels, elevated slab-on-metal decks, elevated formed decks, post-tensioned slabs, concrete paving and other state-of-the-art concrete placement techniques.

We also self-perform miscellaneous rough carpentry work (e.g. backing, blocking and setting of door frames). Miscellaneous rough carpentry work is a challenging scope to generate contractor interest, because it occurs sporadically rather than steadily; a crew isn’t needed full time, but it is often needed immediately in order to avoid schedule impacts. Our consistent presence on site enables us to perform these infrequent-but-immediate carpentry installations—which, in turn, enables us to sidestep added costs and schedule setbacks.


Two universal truths: Cutting-edge technology is cool. And lots of folks use technology because it’s… well, cool.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is part of that technology, and we’ve used it since it first emerged in our industry. And yes, we think it’s cool… but we think it’s cool because it’s useful.

BIM in a nutshell: Optimal efficiency, productivity and value… delivered in real time. BIM offers a wellspring of solutions that can make your project easier to build, and even easier to manage once it’s completed. Our BIM experts—top performers in their field and in our firm—can help you explore the ways BIM can mitigate risk and maximize success on your project.


Whether it’s a feasibility study for a client, a pre-programming partnership with an architectural firm or estimating services for a developer, we’ve had many opportunities to channel our expertise into valuable consulting services for our clients and colleagues. We have 93 years of intellectual capital and lessons learned at our disposal—and we’re ready to put them to work as trusted advisors on your next project.

What's your next project? How can we help? Let's talk.