Huntsman Cancer Institute and The Primary Children’s & Families’ Research Center

The Institute is a world-class cancer research facility featuring six stories of laboratory, vivarium and office space. One of the building’s most unique aspects is its “T” shape—composed of two separate structures connected by an expansion joint. Laboratories feature an “open-space” atmosphere, enabling increased collaboration among researchers. Flexible lab infrastructure allows for optimal air and toxic chemical evacuation, which is crucial for research programs.

A main goal for the Institute is to dramatically accelerate the process in the fight against childhood and genetic cancers. Jacobsen partnered with the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) to expand the organization’s world-class facilities. The project scope required construction of a 230,000 square-foot research building. The research center features a biotechnology center with the latest genetic sequencing and imaging equipment and has more than 18,000 square feet of lab space; 165 offices; an interior, two-story open atrium; exterior plazas with landscaped gardens; and two bridges that connect to the existing facility.

[Square Footage]
242,000 / 230,000
[Contract Type]
Construction Management
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