Jacobsen Construction



Jacobsen Construction recently received Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Utah’s 2018 Diamond Award for Achievement of Safety Excellence. The award recognizes Jacobsen as a Utah safety leader and celebrates more than one million man hours worked at an incident rate 50% below the national average.

“One of the most exciting things about receiving the Diamond Safety Award is what it says about the safety culture we have at Jacobsen,” said Chief Executive Officer John Fortuna. “We’ve been cultivating a new approach to safety for about five years and, over that time, we’ve established a safety culture where we really live and breathe it each and every day. Our people care about every member of the team as if they are family, and that gives everyone ownership over working safely together.”

Contractors across North America will kick off Safety Week starting May 6, 2019. We join this effort to clearly communicate our dedication to create a shared culture of caring. We see it as a great reminder to focus on safe productivity every week and every day, on every job and at every site.

“Our safety record continues to improve year over year,” said Fortuna. “And that is a direct reflection of our philosophy to care about everyone in the company and really embrace safety for the right reasons — which is getting everyone home safely to their families every day. People are really caring for each other and that’s awesome.”