Jacobsen Construction


Preservation Utah recently honored a Provo landmark construction project–the transformation of the Provo Tabernacle into the Provo City Center Temple. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was recognized with a Heritage Award at Preservation Utah’s annual awards banquet for the careful efforts made to restore original building character and preserve large components of the iconic 1861 structure.

“We are thrilled that Preservation Utah decided to honor the LDS Church with this prestigious award,” said Jacobsen vice president and project executive Kirk Dickamore. “The Provo City Center Temple was a once-in-a-lifetime project. We were humbled to have a role in its restoration.”

A four-alarm fire destroyed the Provo Tabernacle in 2010. LDS Church leaders opted to restore the structure and transform it into a temple. The effort spanned several years and included placing the structure’s 6.8-million-pound, fire-ravaged exterior on 90-foot-high piles ahead of construction of a two-floor basement. Crews also removed 14 tons of debris, sourced Victorian-era brick and built Gothic-style archways as a tribute to the building’s original look and feel. (A time-lapse video of the Temple’s construction can be seen here.)

“This award is a tribute to the LDS Church for its commitment to restoring a beloved building in Utah County,” said Jacobsen president and CEO Doug Welling. “It also shows appreciation for the outstanding commitment and exceptional contributions of everyone who worked on this project—including our tremendous team at Jacobsen Construction.”

Each year, Preservation Utah honors the efforts of general contractors, engineers, architects and other organizations that preserve Utah’s architectural heritage.