Jacobsen Construction


It doesn’t get better than this.

You may think you’ve seen unique construction vision before — but until now, nothing like this has ever been built by anyone in Utah.

This isn’t your typical mountain resort or office building project. Woodward Park City will be one of only five similar lifestyle sports facilities in the whole world. Our construction team members are building a thrill-seeker’s paradise — where anyone at any skill level can gain confidence and courage while literally learning to soar! Woodward’s ramps, halfpipes and other skill zones are being designed by big-name action-sports celebrities.

What dreams may come.

Imagine having access to a lifestyle sports complex where every kid (and every adult with a kid inside) feels they’re empowered and supported in achieving their goals; a place where growth is paramount and safety is at the forefront of every amazing activity — a place to camp for a week or drop by for the day.

Watch and see Jacobsen Construction in action as we get started on this epic adventure!

Woodward Park City — Coming November 2019.