Jacobsen Construction


It began as a tragedy… and we immediately responded. It evolved into a prodigious vision… and we had to take many, many little steps to get there. It embodied countless divine aspirations… and we transcended them all. Five years later it stands as a luminous monument to perpetual hope and collective faith… and we marvel at the experience we have had.

On Nov. 12 the LDS Church invited Jacobsen to attend a “Morning with the Experts” media event and discuss the highlights of being the general contractor that transformed the fire-ravaged Provo Tabernacle into the glorious Provo City Center Temple.

And we did just that… grinning from ear to ear.

“The new vision for the Tabernacle [becoming a temple] inspired countless opportunities for construction innovation — all of which contributed to the remarkable results we see before us today,” JCC Project Executive Kirk Dickamore explained to a host of reporters gathered on the temple grounds. “At Jacobsen, the charge to preserve historic buildings is a solemn privilege for us. This historic building is a treasure of this community and our state—and as the newest temple for the Church, it is also a symbol of worldwide faith and promise. We have a deep respect for its history and significance—and it fueled our passion for ensuring that its beauty, longevity and integrity remain intact for generations to come.”

Jacobsen has partnered with the Church on 29 temple projects over the past 60 years; this is the tenth structure Jacbosen has renovated and restored for the Church.

“This project marks a very special place in Jacobsen’s history, and it holds a very special place in our hearts,” said JCC Project Manager John Emery, who has been on site since the day after the fire gutted the Tabernacle. “When I think back to 2010, wading through piles of burned rubble for weeks… and now walking the grounds and looking up at this beautiful building… well, it’s hard to describe the emotions you feel. This has been a labor of love for so many people for so many years… it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’m so grateful to have been part of.”

The Provo City Center Temple open house begins January 15 and runs through March 5. It will be dedicated March 20.