Jacobsen Construction


SALT LAKE CITY — On Oct. 9, Gary Ellis, president of Jacobsen Construction Company, issued a message to every employee to affirm that Jacobsen is committed to a work environment that allows all employees to develop their potential, bring their full commitment to the workplace, and engage in a world of inclusion. His full message, which was emailed to the entire company and also mailed to each employee’s home, is shown below:

Dear Employees and Friends,

We are now in the runup to the current U.S. presidential election and in the midst of a climate of significant social unrest and polarization. The potential problems these circumstances could present to our diverse workforce weigh heavily on our minds as Jacobsen leaders. Because of this, we’ve put a great deal of thought into how to respond to all that is happening in the world around us and how to show our care and concern for you — our impressive employees. We feel the best way to do this is to reinforce our company’s culture of caring.

We know that Jacobsen’s ultimate differentiator is our people. Employing a workforce that is as diverse as it is talented and as culturally inclusive as it is experienced, will give us the richly layered perspectives that will help keep Jacobsen a high-performing company and the best place to work.

At Jacobsen, we promise to value everyone’s perspectives and we pledge to maintain an environment based on trust, respect, and open communication. We are committed to supporting the inclusion of diverse groups across our workforce, as we all benefit from a pool of varied ideas and imaginative solutions.

Valuing the differences in people from all different walks of life is very important to our workplace. It is part of our culture of caring for others. Diversity stimulates creativity, encourages innovation, and allows all people — regardless of race, gender, religion, background, country of origin, sexual orientation, or political persuasion — to be more comfortable doing their best job.

Please know that treating all employees with the utmost respect every day is a foundational requirement for working at our company. If you can do this, you belong at Jacobsen. We’re counting on you to be the champions we need to ensure that discrimination and divisiveness does not reside at Jacobsen.

Additionally, we realize that this year’s presidential election will be one of the most contentious in modern history. Remember that work is not the place for political expression and discussion. Even a casual political comment in the workplace could not only be hurtful but could be considered disrespectful. This will not build our teams; it will divide them.

By offering mutual respect and inclusiveness and staying united in purpose, you will help Jacobsen build a better future.


Gary N. Ellis, President