Jacobsen Construction


The energy—solar and otherwise—was all good at the recent groundbreaking of Utah County’s newest luxury office park, Thanksgiving Station. This marks Jacobsen’s second major partnership with Andrew Bybee and Nathan Ricks, developers of Thanksgiving Park.

“Let’s keep a great thing going—that’s exactly how we feel about Thanksgiving Station,” said JCC Project Executive Doug Hronek. “When you enjoy working with a client as much as we do with Andrew and Nathan, all you want to do is continue achieving great things together. We couldn’t be happier to know that they feel the same way.”

The first building at Thanksgiving Station will be the new HQ of Vivint Solar, a Utah-based energy provider whose growth since its inception in 2011 has moved faster than… well, the speed of light. “We’re growing, we’re building and we’re excited to be here,” Vivint Solar CEO Greg Butterfield told the crowd at the groundbreaking. “Last year, we hired 1,500 people. This year, we’ll hire 2,500 people; the year after that we’ll hire 5,000.”

The 163,000 square-foot building will feature loads of amenities for Vivint employees—including two gyms, locker rooms, showers, storage and a full-service cafeteria. Two parking structures—one specifically for low-emission and electric vehicles—will also be built. The office building and one parking structure will also have a very enlightening (and expected) functional feature: Solar panels.

“The Thanksgiving Park team is very excited to begin a new adventure with Andrew and Nathan,” said JCC Project Manager Kevin Brown. “We’re ready to deliver a beautiful building that Andrew, Nathan, and our friends at Vivint Solar will be proud to call home.”