Jacobsen Construction


SALT LAKE CITY — After 30 years of forming beautiful buildings with Jacobsen, Project Superintendent Ron McCann capped off his acclaimed career this month with a retirement celebration at company headquarters attended by colleagues, friends and family.

Aside from the actual structures he erected, McCann also helped build the company itself into what it is today, said Jacobsen CEO Doug Welling.

“As Jacobsen’s fabric continues to weave, there will always be the strength of Ron McCann in that woven fabric, and the things that he’s taught us will continue on. The clients whom he’s worked with will continue to have high expectations of how we do our business and what is possible,” Welling said. “I appreciate the opportunities he has seized upon to make life better for those we build for and deliver our one-of-a-kind ‘Jacobsen experience’ to clients.”

McCann, whose career highlights include constructing the remarkable Warnock and Rio Tinto Kennecott buildings for the College of Engineering at the University of Utah, said he will always treasure the relationships he cultivated while at Jacobsen.

“It’s nerve-wracking to retire. It’s just really hard because Jacobsen really is my second family. So it’s hard saying goodbye,” McCann said.

Still, McCann said he looks forward to his next chapter in life: “My wife and I love to travel, so that’s what we’re going to be doing.” He praised Jacobsen’s handling of its Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), which gives employees 100% ownership of the company and makes a prosperous retirement possible for its workers.

“You simply cannot beat Jacobsen’s ESOP plan,” McCann said. “And that is a big part of why, to me, there is no better place to work than Jacobsen.”

McCann’s wife, Connie McCann, said their whole family has taken a deep sense of pride in his projects for Jacobsen over the years.

“It’s been really fun while traveling together as a family to get to say, ‘Oh, Dad worked on this project, dad worked on that project,’” she said. “There are so many that he’s had a chance to work on, and Jacobsen has given him that opportunity. It’s been a wonderful journey.”

Ron McCann is pictured with his family at his retirement celebration.

Ron McCann is pictured with his family at his retirement celebration.