Jacobsen Construction



SALT LAKE CITY — During times of uncertainty, America puts its hope in symbols of strength and vitality.

So as COVID-19 tightened its grip on the United States, Jacobsen Construction Company (Jacobsen) moved quickly to ensure that the Salt Lake City-based company could be counted on to rise to the occasion in a very big way.

“From the layered perspectives of maintaining operations, strengthening the economy, and fulfilling duties as an important community member, Jacobsen is taking stock in how the company is living up to those ideals while also striving to be a caring, adaptive employer,” said President and CEO Doug Welling.

As a listed essential service provider, Jacobsen Construction has been conscientiously following all guidance issued by the CDC and local and state officials to ensure safe work conditions for all employees, including and especially onsite work crews.

“We know our projects hold profound significance for the mission of each of our clients,” Welling said. “We’re grateful that, even during this unprecedented challenge, we are able to continue operations and keep delivering on each client’s vision. We will do everything in our power to continue working as an important torch bearer for our economy as long as we can do so safely.”

Welling says that by embracing rigorous social distancing and hygiene standards at jobsites and encouraging corporate office employees to work from home whenever possible, Jacobsen is making it possible to keep operations humming, even amid the pandemic. Jacobsen’s people, he said, are continuing to do what they do best: Making Life Better in the communities where they work and build.

Jacobsen has also engaged in community-wide efforts to protect healthcare workers, having recently donated 1,000 of the company’s N95, medical-grade masks to Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health.

“We want to do our part to keep them safe and ensure health care providers have the protective equipment required to handle the surge of COVID-19 cases,” Welling said. “As their long-time building partner, we feel profound respect and admiration for the doctors, nurses and other staff at Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health who serve as essential pillars of the community and are now being counted on more than ever. We were eager to do our part to support them. These are our communities, too, and we want to blunt the impact of this pandemic as much as possible. We are absolutely united in that purpose.”