Jacobsen Construction


The Mexico City LDS Temple has commanded attention, admiration and inspiration since its original dedication in 1983; 32 years later, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has opened the doors so that the public may view it in all its renovated splendor before its rededication next month.

“We’re always honored and humbled when we help the Church restore, renovate or construct a temple,” said JCC Project Executive Kirk Dickamore. “Jacobsen enjoyed its partnership with the Church during the first phase of work, and we’re thrilled to celebrate with leaders again now that the second phase has drawn to a close.”

Phase II of the project primarily focused on interior work: Marble imported from Spain and fabricated in China; new carpet and art glass, featuring a Mesoamerican design, in the Celestial Room; new oak doors that are cast with bronze; and ornate millwork. The exterior was also thoroughly cleaned, which revitalized the temple’s outer grandeur.

“The collaboration between Jacobsen and the LDS Church on this project was extraordinary,” said JCC Project Manager Kip Walter. “Many people came together and devoted a remarkable amount of care, time and attention into their work—and the only result could be something as exceptional as this building. I’m grateful to have been a part of that.”

In 2008 Jacobsen crews completed Phase I of the Mexico City Temple remodel, which included a seismic upgrade, interior work and an exterior skin replacement that required removing and replacing 57,500 square feet of concrete paneling. Our scope of work on Phase I scope of work also included remodeling the 25,000 square-foot visitors’ center.

The temple is open to the public through September 5; the Church will rededicate the temple on September 13. Read further details about the Mexico City Temple’s open house here; learn more about the process of building an LDS temple here.